Our Mission

Our purpose is to enhance, improve, and beautify the Houndslake neighborhood.  Our desire is to promote the general well-being of the real property owners of the Houndslake area.

  • Working with city to secure new golf crossing signs

  • Working with city & club to save ponds on golf course.

  • Maintain landscaping at entrance signs

  • Worked with city on Essex Circle cul-de-sac

  • Working with city to re-surface Houndslake Drive

  • Working with city to help with overgrown easement on Varden under power lines

  • Painting Houndslake North sign on Trial Ridge

  • Working to achieve a better and balanced lighting for the entrances to our neighborhood

  • Addressing the erosion of the embankment, efficiency of the drainage design, and the esthetics of the embankment as it faces the greenspace.

  •  Working with the city to esthetically engineer these three open culverts in the “green space”.

  • Sign on parkway and Varden (small Houndslake North sign)

  • Sign on Woodbine & Varden (Houndslake North sign)

  • Sign on Riviera & Varden (Houndslake sign)

  • Sign on By-pass at Trail Ridge - ((Houndslake North sign) small attachment to Surrey Woods sign)

  • Sign(s) at By-pass/Trail Ridge and Troon (Houndslake sign)

  • Sign near club beside speed bump $1K or more

  • Beautification of Varden

  • Landscape greenspace

  • Clear area across from greenspace - country club/golf vignette

  • Pave maintenance shed driveway and close muddy trench in use along "new rip rap culvert" recently laid by the city



  • Lobbied city to pave Houndslake Drive

  • Built new entrance signs 

  • Lighted new entrance signs

  • Landscaped new entrance signs

  • Planted grass on Parkway

  • Cut and maintain grass on Parkway each month

  • Completely landscaped Tennis courts 

  • Planted new plants at speed bumps

  • Painted speed bumps

  • Painted yellow curb

  • Cutting grass on Varden Drive under power lines

  • Re-claiming  small pond on Laurel #9 

  • Working with DOT to fix Laurel tunnel and erosion on Parkway 

  • Had city add no dumping signs   

  • Repaired holes in club parking lot

  • Edged from sign to sign

  • Removed unused phone line that crossed Houndslake Dr near 9th tee box

  • Handed out welcome baskets to new neighbors

  • Work with city to enforce city ordinances 

  • Started adopt a hole

  • Paid city to put up cart crossing signs    

  • Cleared the “green space” near the bypass

  • Worked with city to repair drainage on Dogwood #1 & Dogwood #7

  • Repaired Varden Drive rail fence

  • Painted Houndslake sign on Northwood Drive

  • Updated sign on Parkway to match sign on Pinelog

  •  Had State DOT clean up overgrowth on bypass near Northwood Drive

  • Created Nextdoor website https://houndslake.nextdoor.com

  • Removed "abandoned" power poles in the neighborhood

  • Cleared the underbrush, cut and pulled the vines in the “green space.”

  • Marketing to brand our neighborhood

  • Build and maintain website

  • Brochure for Chamber of Commerce

  • Active members ACoN neighborhood council

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Houndslake Neighborhood Association

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